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Saving lives

Rick Mora had an hauntingly beautiful evening with Husky Haven of L.A.  Nanook on his last hours at the shelter, was found as a 1 yr old stray on the streets with a deformity. One of his front legs had grown backward, twisting upwards. Nanook the tripod had a few rough days. Now he runs, plays and is very active on 3 legs.  Tank and his sister Ursula killed a goat because of they deed placed in isolation.  The gentle 2 yrs olds couple were on death row. Their only salvation came from Husky Haven. Ursula had a mishap during her spay and her bladder was nicked. Ursula with her medical issue of not holding her urine needs her brother to help her existence.  The bonded couple with Nanook are in a save haven with 55 huskies, Husky Haven of  L.A.

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